Statement from former IB student

The experiences I had with the IB program helped and strengthened a variety of my abilities. My capability in speaking English increased a lot over the course of the two years I spent the time there. Being surrounded by a social environment in which both students and teachers spoke the language pushed me to become even better in my English communicating skills. In addition, most of the students in the IB program had a different cultural background and so naturally spoke English with the others. I was also exposed to different cultures and languages because of the international environment and for that I appreciate.


There were many aspects of IB that have better prepped me for future academic endeavors. By writing both my Extended Essay and my essay in Theory of Knowledge have taught me to become comfortable in tackling longer assignments and approaching knowledge with a critical mindset. The Extended Essay and what it entails reflects the kinds of assignments usually written in universities. By starting with that writing process in high school eases the stress I potentially could be facing in my future studies. It is one of the reasons why I chose to take part in the IB program so that I would not feel so overwhelmed or unprepared.


I feel the same way with Theory of Knowledge because the subject requires us to have a critical approach to the information we absorb and do not think twice about. It has also been essential after having an obligatory philosophy subject in university and where the things that I have learned in TOK have been brought up in each lecture. CAS was also a great experience and having the opportunity to go to Berlin is a memory I forever will cherish. Although it was school project related, I feel that the history I got to learn about and the places I got to visit with my classmates made the overall trip quite pleasant and very memorable.