Statement from former IB student

Sean Jayven Aguinaldo

Our experiences throughout the programme are different from one another. For me, what I remember most is the realization of how important a philosophical aspect in learning is. I am talking about the course Theory of Knowledge (TOK) – understanding the nature of what we learn.

Due to this course, many (if not all) of the students move from the I-am-merely-absorbing-information stage to I-am-really-understanding-these-information-I-absorb stage, which goes further and on a deeper level of processing. It allows us to evaluate, to answer the why’s and the how’s, and be critical about knowledge.

Of course, I am not implying that I have mastered all these, but being exposed to this kind of approach in learning through the IB changed a lot about my perception of the world. It is something I can use not only in my studies when gathering data from different sources, reading textbooks and writing essays, but also in my daily life.