ST English (Vg1)

ST English

Bjørnholt Vgs now offers classes in English at ST1.

Why ST English?

ST English is a great opportunity to practice English in several academic subjects.Using English to learn concepts in natural science, geography and social science will develop your vocabulary, and you will be experiencing new approaches to the subjects. ST English offers a natural transition from the international class in lower secondary school to International Baccalaureate (IB) at VG2. 

In addition to English class, three of our subjects are taught in English. We recommend that applicants have a minimum grade of 4 in both English and mathematics on their lower secondary school diploma. You can apply for ST English at Bjørnholt skole in the Vigo-system. 


"ST English offers a smoother transition from 10I to the IB. If I were a 10I student now, I would apply for ST English at Bjørnholt." Ramzi, IB3

"ST English offers a chance to get comfortable with using English as an academic language before starting the IB-program. I wish I had this opportunity when I was an ST1 student" Chioma, IB2


  ST English will give you a head start in your academic career!