Studieforberedende med fokus på internasjonalisering

Graduates IB

Studying at Studieforberedende med fokus på internasjonalisering is the best way to prepare for studying at IB. Classes and teaching takes place in the IB department with experienced and certified IB teachers. This leads to a greater connection and natural transition between the Norwegian curriculum and the curriculum at the Diploma Programme for students. 

As with our IB programme, the offer is completely free for all students. 


Teaching with an international focus

All subjects offered will have an extra focus on international matters and teaching international mindedness. In this program, students will learn to have an openness and curiosity about the world and different cultures as well as being challenged academically. 


Approaches to learning skills

As in Fagfornyelsen, the IB Diploma curriculum focuses on 21st century skills. Thinking, research, communication, social and self-management skills are learning areas teachers and students focus on in connection to all subjects. 


Subjects taught:

  • English
  • Natural science
  • Mathematics T
  • Geography
  • Social science
  • Norwegian
  • Foreign languages (Spanish/French/German)
  • Gymnastics


Curriculum and learning partner

The curriculum follows the Norwegian curriculum for Studiespesialiserende VG1, but learning outcomes with an international focus will be covered more extensivly and links between the curriculum in IB will be emphazied.

All students get a learning partner from the Diploma programme. The learning partner helps with the becoming familiar in school and student life, but also to establish a positive learning environment for all international students. 


How to apply

Students apply through VIGO, Studiespesialiserende med fokus på internasjonalisering and by using the code STUSP1-N-). For questions, please contact Eirik Hardersen.


After the first year, students can choose to apply to IB or continue with regular Studiespesialiserende VG2.

Contact information

Eirik Hardersen

Studieveileder and IB coordinator

+47 95201398